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Plastic Mayhem

27 December 1990
I am weird, my name is paige and i dont like it...idk why.

I am blunt
I hate alot of things and think alot of things are stupid.
I hate sterotypes so keep them away from me.
I like all different types of music, hardcore, rock, tencho, indie, and jpop.
I am really in to Photography, writing, and just having fun.
I am a fun person when you get to know me.
I think Rap is gross, and people who act black and are white are just posers and losers [Come on people get a life]

I dont like religion too much, but i am Wiccan. it just causes stupid pointless fights. i dont like the government...they hide too much from everyone, and dont give a shit anymore.

I dont drink, or do drugs, again i think are pointless and stupid. i am not going to lie, i have tried drinking, and pot....ill never touch it again.

I am every open about alot of things. just ask me and ill tell you.

I like talking about sex, though i have never had it, and proud of it.

I have MSN, and shitspace, just ask for it.

I have an Amazing boyfriend.

I love life...just hate the shity parts.